So … you’ve always felt that you were part of a larger existence … and a major part of that existence was God …?
That’s because God says that he created you even before He thought about the fundamentals of making the world itself – THAT’S how much he loves you!
But your ancestors lost all the closeness they had with Our Father God because they disobeyed Him.  They lost their divine-ness and became like everything else on this world … they lived … they got old … they died …and everything they were, and everything they did, and everybody they knew became a memory … or history … Since we are the offspring of these fallen ancestors, we have lost our divine-ness also … we have become sin-full.
God had created a collection of Souls that are His People … you are one of them …but sin caused all of us to start dying … God decided to change all that …
Someone one “Godly” had to come here, live here, just like the humans … and die here … BUT in doing so – overcome/defeat DEATH ITSELF.
That Godly One was God’s Only Son, Jesus of Nazareth, The Christ (the saver of God’s People).
He lived quite a life.  In just three years, he did thousands of miracles, healed thousands of people, controlled nature, made food out of nothing (He was God, remember), and taught such a simple way on how to return to closeness to God,  … that few people believe Him…
In fact, the people who lived on earth at that time killed Him – they hung Him on a cross and bled and suffocated Him to death … (it wasn’t a nice way to go).  BUT THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT GOD WANTED … because once Jesus was dead He really went to work on the whole death problem, found a way to COME BACK FROM THE DEAD, and did so!
We call that The Resurrection and we celebrate it every Easter Sunday – because it’s the best news anyone has ever heard … God’s People Live Forever – We Are Back With God – All The Time!!
This is what he taught when He was here, In Order To Return To Being Close To God, Do This: 
  • Recognize that you are a self-centered creature only interested in yourself, and turn away from that purpose and turn towards God The Father and Others (God’s People here with you)
  • Pray– ask God for The Gift Of Faith
  • When He gives it to you, BELIEVE, that Jesus Is The Son Of God and He Is The King Of You, and This World.
  • When you do that, God will send His Spirit to Live Inside Of You Forever (you’re going to LOVE that part!!)
  • Go out among other people and tell them all about what God does for you everyday
  • Encourage them to seek out and discover God too – like you did
  • Especially, look out for God’s People struggling with being hungry, going without things, lonely, sick, or held captive by something
  • Help Them (Jesus said that when we do, we are actually helping Him gather in all of God’s People)
  • When we have gathered in the last one, Jesus said He Would Come Back To Earth For Us, resurrect all of God’s People from all-time and all of us would live with God Forever
  • JUST THE WAY GOD MADE IT in the beginning!
You’ve probably got a bunch of questions about all this … we can help answer them… write them down or just ask to meet with one of us –  whatever you prefer …we’ll promise we will reply …