Give Online

Ensure you not are using public wifi to connect to the internet.

By clicking your donate link, you are transferred to Tithely’s site where all information is collected and submitted. It’s their core business to provide the most current, rigorous security from collection to deposit.

They use a combination of encoding and encryption to transfer and convert
information into unreadable characters. Tithely’s encrypted website offers the highest security, privacy and speed.

Look for Tithely’s HTTPS and a lock icon to appear in the browser address bar (where you type in a web address). That means that Tithely is now encrypting all your information.

Tithely uses a 256 bit SSL certificate. That is the highest level of encryption.

Each step of the giving process is secure, from the moment you log on to the moment funds are transferred – from your card or bank, to the church, – you are protected. You can be confident that your transactions are secure. Our online giving portal is PCI-DSS compliant and encrypted through a 256 bit SSL.

Concerns about security shouldn’t prevent you from faithful stewardship. Our church
staff is here to assist you in transitioning to online options.