Pray for Lafayette Street Church –– our church is going through some serious challenges until Our Lord calls unto us a new pastor. For the next eight consecutive weeks, we will be seeing and hearing the pastoral candidates Our Lord desires us to prayerfully consider –– one each Sunday. Please make every effort to be present through Lent, Easter, and into April so you can meet and hear each one. Please express your observations to the Administrative Board members. It will be their responsibility to interview the leading candidate(s) and recommend to the whole church which one Our Lord would have us call. Your church leadership covets your prayers for these important future days for our church.


Your administrative board recently approved the following documents: Lafayette Street Church Articles of Faith and Practice; The Lafayette Street Church Membership Requirements; and The Temporary Government Structure of Lafayette Street Church. All regular attenders of Lafayette Street Church are strongly encouraged to read and understand each of these documents. They are available for pick-up from our documents table in the office hallway and posted on our hallway bulletin board.  Please address any questions for clarification to one of the members of The Administrative Board.

Bringing God’s Word to Us in the Coming Weeks:

Mr. Gus Navarro (March 10), Rev. Jonathan Langford (March 17), Mr. Nick Canton (March 24 – Palm Sunday), Rev. Don Mason (Good Friday evening at 7:00 PM, March 29) Mr. Niel Silas, (March 31 – Easter), Mr. David Lee (April 7), and Mr. Roger Atwell (April 14). Giving thanks to God for His provision! 

The Book of Acts Bible Study is  led by David Harp & meets each Wednesday at 10:30 AM only. Make plans now to attend.